Fee & Class Details

PackageDaysDurationUS ($)UK (£)Canada (C$)Europe (€)
Package 15-days a week30 min50305040
Package 23-days a week30 min30204025
Package 32-days a week30 min30204025
Package 42-days a week60 min60406050
Sunday Package4-days in a month30 min20153020
Family Package 13-days a week80458560
Family Package 25-days a week1006010070

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share student details with any 3rd parties.

Refund Policy

We have a 100% customer satisfaction policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied simply email us asking for a refund within 7 days of the month start. You will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours.


Please email your complaints to [email protected] - Insha ALLAH we will respond within 2 business days maximum.

Cancellations Policy

You may cancel your subscription by giving 1 months notice.